Francesca Ebel is a writer and multimedia journalist based in Tunis, Tunisia. 

Francesca Ebel is a writer and multimedia journalist currently based in Tunis, Tunisia. Prior to this, she worked for several years with the Associated Press as a journalist in Moscow.

Her written and video work has appeared in The Independent, Politico Europe Magazine, Middle East Eye, The Los Angeles Review of Books and Coda Story, among other publications.

In addition to her work in Russia, Francesca spent much of 2014-2015 covering aspects of the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine and the Maidan Revolution. Alongside her freelance work in Ukraine, Francesca founded an independent reporting project called The Nose


Winner of Hugh Cudlipp student award for coverage of Ukraine crisis (2016)


Runner-up for The Guardian's Student Multimedia Journalist of the Year Award (2015) 


Shortlisted for Cosmopolitan's Ultimate Woman of the Year Award for her work combatting rape culture and perceptions of sexual assault (2015)


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